Hair And Skin Nourishments

Hair and skin are two of our most vital organs of our bodies. They are a direct reflection of our personal grooming and how healthy we live thus the consideration of a lot of care and hygiene. There are many supplements and products that can be used to take care of these organs but may differ according to ones hair and skin type. However, there are some nutrients that are good for all hairs and skin types thus when taken in right proportions can lead to healthier, shinny hair and radiant skin.

Vitamin B – The most useful of the B complex in our hair and skin is the biotin. This helps in prevention of hair loss or balding and discoloration which are some of the fears we usually have. These vitamins will work internally on the hair follicle to promote thickness and shine. This vitamin is available in eggs, bananas, oatmeal and rice.
Vitamin C – as people grow older, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and get wrinkled. This vitamin helps to keep the body more toned as it assists in the faster production and repair of cells which are very useful in counteracting the sun’s harmful rays. It also boosts our immune systems and hence helps in fighting diseases that mat damage our skin and hair. It can be obtained by eating leafy green vegetables, broccoli and strawberries.
Vitamin E – This protects the cells and restores the skin moisture hence protecting one from aging and diseases that come wit old age. It also helps to add shine and softness to hair as well as making the skin supplier. This vitamin can be found in fish and sun flower seeds.
Vitamin A – This is important as it improves cell division and reproduction. It helps the body regulate its natural oils within the scalp and other parts of the body as well as acting as an antioxidant destroying radicals which cause premature death of cells. This vitamin can be found in carrots, squash, papaya, mango, fish and nuts.